Greetings Nomads

It is the changing of the guard, let me first off congratulate Shaka as our inducted Captain for 2022, may your year be filled with wonderful highs and your journey be magical. .

Jean-Marc congrats on being elected as the Vice Captain, good luck with your Andrew Mentis endeavour.

Our new JVC is Vivian Naicker, welcome to the team and enjoy the ride.

Our Monthly game at the Wild Coast was superb, no wind and no rain, yes, the rough was brutal, the bunkers difficult and the greens a wee bit speedy , but this is the only defence the golf course could throw at us. A huge thanks must go to Benjie and his team who made our  day special.

We had a field of 62 players which is encouraging, and we hope that next month we can increase the numbers again. The stats for the day are as follows, the average for the day was 30.8. 21 players got cut, 28 played honest golf and 11 looked after their handicap.

The weather this time of the year is the best golf weather for the entire year, and you will not experience any better conditions to play golf, all the courses are done with their winter treatment so course conditions should be ideal, we have managed to start and finish prize giving while the sun is still up. Looks like everything is in place for our members to come out and play their monthly game , short of eradicating Covid there is no excuse not to play. Our next game is at Umdoni on the 14th of June , let us try and get a full field.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.