2020 Gold Cup Final Results
John Handley Trophy- Overall Winner - Mike Todd
A div 1st Vivian Naicker B div 1st Andrew Imrey C div 1st Mike Todd
  2nd Lorenzo Gallino   2nd Ian Stewart   2nd Tony Fairbairne
  3rd Mike Cromhout   3rd Sean Willis   3rd Tony Westoby
Swifts Trophy - Overall Winner - Emmanueal Godongwana
A div 1st Rod Bouwer B div 1st Sageran Pillay C div 1st Emmanuel Godongwana
  2nd Ian Stewart   2nd Ryan Ringo   2nd Michael Hartley
  3rd Jean-Marc Bouic   3rd John Pinnoy   3rd Tony Fairbairne
Andrew Mentis Trophy - Overall Winner - Ian Stewart
A div 1st Cyprian Thami Xolo B div 1st Ian Stewart C div 1st Mike Todd
  2nd Brian Jolliffe   2nd Chris Brooks   2nd Tony Fairbairne
  3rd Jean-Marc Bouic   3rd Andrew Imrey   3rd John Pinnoy
Eclectic Competition - Overall Winner - John Webster
A div 1st John Webster B div 1st John Pinnoy C div 1st Ian Lindsay
  2nd Ian Stewart   2nd Mike Todd   2nd Howard Crouch
  3rd Martin Haigh   3rd Sean Willis   3rd Tony Westoby
Gold Cup Winners
A div Cyrrian Xolo B div Andre Cronje C div Emmanuuel Godondgwana  
Over 55 Competition - Overall Winner - John Pinnoy
Winner   John Pinnoy
Over 65 Competition - Overall Winner - Phillip Verwey
Winner     Phillip Verwey
100 Games Competition - Overall Winner - Brian Jolliffe
Winner Brisn Jolliffe
Gary Player Trophy - Overall Winners - Johan Wentzel & Brian Jolliffee
Winners Johan Wentzel & Brian Jolliffee
Runners Up   Anton Nieuwoudt & Hiltonn McAuliffe
Gary Player Plate Event - Overall Winners - Anba Pillay & Sagren Pillay
Winners Anba Pillay & Sagrean Pillay
Runners Up    John Ridl & Tony Westoby
Golden Matchbox - Overall Winner - Simon LeeBest Gross Score for the Year - Overall Winner - Cyprian Xolo
Champion Of Champions - Overall Winner  Ian Stewart
Imperial / MFC Champion - Overall Winner - Ian Stewart