Greetings NomadsGreetings Nomads

Once again we strolled the fairways of Southbroom and what a fine day it was, no rain, wind or water, well except for the feature holes. Our thanks to the staff of this fine establishment for the use of their course and for the hospitality they bestowed upon us.  

As it was Captain “Tubby” Meyers’s last game as the head honcho he was fortunate enough to play with arguably the best player on the South Coast, Gavin Sole. Not only did he get a lesson on how this game should be played but how to overcome a nasty Nomads handicap of -7 and still shoot 39 points. For those that cannot compute this feat that is a net 10 under par. 

Congrats to Tony Westoby on being elected Captain for the forthcoming year. May your journey be smooth sailing and enjoyable. At last you are no longer my junior! To the incoming committee, may good fortune be with you all.

Finally to all the members who found it in their repertoire to bring a smile or head shake to the members, the hobbits for taking my banter in good form and our serial crying towel winners Ulric, Devlyn and Bob.

Our new playing year starts at The Wild Coast in May. Remember this is a shotgun start and our playing fee is R260. This INCLUDES your cart, so be there early and have fun.    

Till next time keep it on the fairway.