Greetings Nomads

Another Tuesday morning and the gathering at Wild Coast was a much anticipated affair. Everyone was keen to see what the condition of the course would be like after the torrential lashing of rain the South Coast received in the week leading up to this game.

We could not have been more impressed, surprised and delighted in what Benji did for us. Yes, there were wet patches. Yes the bridge on 18 had washed away, but we could not fault the weather or the Glenbrynth table. For those who did not get a toot, next time get there before Colin and Grant.

Our thanks to Benjamin and the staff at Wild Coast for hosting us.  We know that the halfway station was a nightmare and those that chose to stop for food were disappointed, frustrated and pissed off. We plan to eliminate the problem at all games that have a shotgun start by only offering a grab n go meal of one or two items max.

Our game stats where as follows: 93 players (81 Nomads and 11 guests) made the effort to play,

Days average was 28 points, 17 played great and will be cut, 31 protected their handicap and 33 played crap. Chopper of the month is Keagan Davids who got more than his money’s worth by coming in on a solid 21 points to claim the converted Crying Towel.

Our new captain Tony did ok at the Prize Giving.

Finally the Hobbits behaved in the corner, the tables at the Casino where kind to a few I hear and no one got pissed, “Yeh right”.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.