Greetings Nomads,

It is with a sad heart that I write this month’s rag, Norman Sieberhagen, friend to all, mentor to many and a true Nomad down to his very soul passed away due to complications leading from a bout of pneumonia.

Now some of you may not have been mates with Norm, but for good or indifferent reasons Norman always kept the good of Southern Natal Nomads foremost in is heart, mind and voice. Pedantic, full of shit at times and a stickler for rules and regulations he never let you forget the ethos of what Nomads is about and hopefully will always be. His belligerent insistence that whatever you do and say at Nomads has a direct impact on someone, somewhere and at some time. This more so to the committee that guides our club both currently and in the future but none the less our members who wear our attire while being hosted at different clubs each and every month.

So with Uncle Norm in mind and a bit of poetic licence I leave you with this-

If you see anything you dislike in others or the world around you, consider first if it’s you who needs changing. The appearance of wrong may be improved by one’s outlook. Keep a sense of humour when things don’t turn out as you hoped, look ahead to future Nomads games they will surely offer you comic relief. Have the courage to embrace the unexpected for life is an unfolding drama. Whatever happens welcome it with a smile.


Till we meet again my friend.