Greetings Nomads

 Once again to the fore.

After an exciting Gold Cup at Margate we are back to normal, well if you can call it normal. After some time now as a Southern Natal member I have yet to put my finger on why we cannot increase the numbers of members that are prepared to play at Scottburgh. More on that later but back to the Gold Cup.

To all the winners of the various competitions and trophy’s well done.

To Captain “Tubby” Meyer well done on winning Champion of Champions and together with another heavyweight, Paul” T”, winning the Gary Player Trophy. There must be some merit in being a member of the “1 tonners”.

All the winners and their accolades are up on our webpage under Annual Results. Go take a peek and see who whipped your arse this year.

Back to Scottburgh. To the club captain, staff, barmen and ladies of Scottburgh Golf Club, thank you for once again outdoing yourselves to make our day special. For those who refused to make the effort to play, shame on you. For the rest of the stalwarts, nice one.

Chaps it’s that time of the year when we all need to dig deep, take a deep breath and pay our subs. They are due by the 31st January. Please do not embarrass yourself and the ladies when they inform you that you owe money. Just pay up and everyone is happy.

One last thing, we have a change to our playing calendar. Next month is at Sheppie and March is at San Lameer. Once again go to the webpage. The revised playing calendar is up and correct. 

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.