Greetings Nomads

A huge shout out to Jessie and the staff at Sheppie’s, with benign conditions and no wind, to increase the first and second cut of rough was ingenious, sneaky but a welcome change.

Scoring on the day was somewhat lower and just 4 players managed to score above 32.

52 players will get a shot back and 41 players managed 28-32 points.

It was also a proud moment for our last remaining founder members to receive their 35year tie award. To Phillip Verwey, Peter Renwick and Ivan Curlewis well done chaps. We are all proud of you and your continued commitment to Southern Natal Nomads for all this time. This something we can all aspire to.

It was nice to see Bob make a comeback. No not on the course yet, that would mean that his nickname would still be Chopper or Swinger, but as our official starter/controller, filling in for Uncle Dave. Donning dark glasses and the mike in hand his take on the role of “Stevie Wonder” quite satisfactory. We are all still waiting for your rendition of Superstition. Anyway hope your eye surgery recovery is a speedy one.

While we are on the subject of Controller or Starter, chaps it’s just common courtesy to check in with these gentlemen after you have been through the table. Remember that the system is in place to ensure that the field moves on time and that we know you have made the effort to pitch and play. To wonder around and hope that Dave or Bob will recognize you is crap. It costs you nothing to be polite and to show some respect to these gentlemen.   

Our AGM is next month at San Lameer. This is probably the most important Nomadic duty you are required to fulfil. If there are any burning issues that you wish to raise then this is the place to do so. We will also be voting in your new Vice and Junior Vice Captain’s for the forthcoming year.   

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.