Greetings Nomads,

After a brief sabbatical your scribe is back in the saddle and ready to bring you all the gumf from the last game and some other skinner.

First to Gavin and the staff at Southbroom, thanks for hosting our monthly game. Admittedly the change in weather from the night before to the day in question was nothing short of remarkable and made playing this iconic course  all that more enjoyable. 

To the ladies, our dream team, thanks for all you do each month. Without your assistance we would be just a bunch of boys out on the piss for the day.

Chaps, it’s time each one of us as Nomads takes stock of the values and ethos of our club. It appears that the attitude of some of the members, you know who you are, is leaning towards “it’s just a game of golf” and nothing more. How wrong you are.

Let us start with our monthly game commitment. It starts way before you pitch up at the club in question to play and ends after Prize Giving, not before. To the serial early leavers, how embarrassing. You show no respect to your playing partners, the Captain and the club itself, and to top it all some of you are divisional winners.

 If it’s just a game of golf you are after then do so, but at your own club not Nomads.

There are many other things that burn my arse but that’s for another day just try to remember the following,

Show respect to all. You may not like a lot of members but that’s for your inner self to cope with. Fulfil your financial obligation to Nomads that is both subs and playing fee. No pay no play and commit to supporting another aspects of Nomads, not just playing the monthly game.


 Till next time keep it on the fairway.