Greetings Nomads,

Happy New Year to you all,

To all the winners at the Gold Cup, Congratulations! Our Champion Golfer of the Year is Ryan Ringo and justifiably so. All the other contenders for the cup just could not match or catch him.

Our January game at Scottburgh on the 21st was well attended considering the time and general contempt for playing this fine course. To club captain and fellow Nomad Bob Hall well done my son, your efforts in getting the players to come out and play was no mean feat and not to mention that the course was in fine condition, the beers very cold and showers superb.

Thanks to our dream team of ladies who started and ended our day, thank you once again for all you do.

To our National Chairman, Neels Bezuidenhout, thank you for joining us on the day. It is always something special to have the head honcho in town. We hope your stay on the South Coast was lekker.

Stats for the game where as follows:

91 players of which 75 where members, 15 made more than 32points, 35 no change and 25 played rubbish.

Our next game is at San Lameer where target golf is the order of the day so bring ample golf balls and if you lost your standing bet at Scottburgh, San Lameer is not a bad course to press the bet and get your money back…..beware John Webster.

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.