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Greetings Nomads,

September game done and dusted! While some of us were expecting serious wind at Sheppie it was nothing that we could not manage being coastal golfers, that was until the field turned and the good, bad and ugly of golf came to the fore. Uglier than good but that’s life. Just to enlighten you on how difficult it was, our playing average for the day was a mere 27 points.  There were only 4 two clubs. 8 players made more than 32 points and 47 made less than 28 points. Now this could be down to the new handicap / slope system being implemented from September, or we just played crap. For those of you who look for an alternative excuse to the garbage you played you may use the new system for this month only.

Bob won the crying towel AGAIN! , at this rate he will have no opposition for the best worst golfer of the year.

Here is my take on the new handicap system. We all have our handicap adjusted to a generic formula at our respective clubs, and I like to think of it as a system handicap. This is a guide line of where we will start at whatever course we are going to play. Each course has its own rating and subsequently you will play off the handicap at that particular course taking into account the difficulty, slope rating and tee markers chosen. This is your course handicap. You may find that at some courses you may gain or lose a shot or two, take a deep breath, have a beer and toast your good fortune.

For our Nomads game the following will apply:- your club handicap will be checked and confirmed. This will be the starting point to determine your handicap. The host club slope rating and tee will give the handicap for the day (old club handicap). Except for the three old farts who have been allowed to play off the forward tee’s everyone will play off the determined tee for the day. NO EXCEPTIONS! The statutory cut will be applied as per our divisions and that will determine your nomads handicap and division you will play for the game. This of course is a grey area and up until such time that we get clarity from NATEX we will follow this simple formula.

So if you feel that you have been penalized rather radically both from a handicap cut to a move up to a higher division, put on you big boy pants take a deep breath and come have a beer.    


Till next time keep it on the fairway.