shaggy 003

Greetings Nomads,

Southbroom at its finest, well almost except for the wind and rain in the late afternoon.

Welcome to our new playing year. Good luck Roelof. May your year as Captain be successful and an absolute ball for you. It was nice to see that you kept it to one Pie for lunch buddy.

Past Captain Paul Tedder well done to you and your committee for keeping our club afloat and upholding the ethos of what Nomads is all about.

As some of you might have noticed, we have introduced a new and in my humble opinion better way of scorecard tally and submission at the table after the game. The playing captain of the four ball has to sit and wait for approval from the ladies that all is in order before leaving. This is twofold, one it adds responsibility to the Captain of the four ball and second the four ball scores will only be entered once they have given the green light. All in the name of getting the prize giving up and running sooner, overall a good thing.

Chaps the committee are striving to make your playing experience better and exciting on the day, the first of which will come into effect at Wild Coast, free beer for all!

Remember that our next game is at the Wild Coast. It is a shotgun start at 10am and carts are included in the playing fee. 

We will be hosting Andrew Bullen, our new National Chairman. This is his first official visit and he has chosen us, Southern Natal to kick start his year. Please, please Nomads show respect and commitment by behaving in a manor becoming of a Nomad and attending Prize Giving. I know that the dop is a bit pricy at Wild Coast, but you are getting a free beer to start with.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.