shaggy 003

Greetings Nomads,

If like me you were a bit sceptical about playing at the Wild Coast, with all the talk about winds up to 40km/h and rain that can appear at any time like uninvited in-laws, the trip to this remarkable golf course was filled with prayers to the golfing gods for fair weather and a smooth controlled swing. The fair weather request was acknowledged alas the rest was S.O.P. Flashes of brilliance and showers of crap, well for some of us anyway.

When I arrived and had a chat to Benjie, he assured me that he had set the course up as easy as he could, he also heard the rumour of huge wind and decided to take pity on us. Forward Tee’s, pin positions that were accessible even to the blind and placed on relatively smooth patches of green. As he said,” the only thing I can’t give you is a swing like a seasoned pro”. So for those of you who shot above the day’s average of 30 and had your best round ever at the Wild Coast this may be the reason why. For the rest, myself included, we just played crap.

I have to make mention of two gentlemen who for complete opposite reasons made the day spectacular, “King Raffa” blitzed the course with 44 points, well done Raefe Dyer it could not happen to a nicer guy, you upped the bar big time buddy. Then there was Geoff Evans who managed to bag just 3 points on the course and with his handicap came in with 21 points to claim the coveted Crying Towel. Now for those of you who do not know these gentlemen are business partners, no guessing what the conversation will be on Wednesday morning and no doubt for the rest of the month, something along the lines of “hey Bitch get me some coffee”.

On a positive note it was good to have our National Chairman at our monthly game for his official visit and nice to see that we had a full house at prize giving, thank you Nomads for staying and showing the respect he deserves.

Much to my surprise the Hobbits stayed off the tables, the Durban Boyz did not take any glasses from the bar for the trek back home, Lappie’s used choice language in moderation and Jimmy and Norman kept the consumption of Klippie’s and Coke to under 3 bottles. Things might get back to normal at Margate next month.           

Till next time keep it on the fairway.