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Greetings Nomads,

July at Umdoni! What an experience. The month has brought about so many highs that it is hard to place them in some sort of magical order where we can say “the sardine run was amazing” or the Scottburgh Sardine run (golf) was outstanding, not to mention the KZN Junior Golf held over 3 days at Southbroom, Margate and Sheppie, these kids are good.

But we must pay homage to Umdoni for hosting us for our monthly game, I do not believe that we could have asked for better conditions or warmer hospitality than what we received on the day, well if I must be picky, the greens were a bit too slick for me but that’s coz I just played crap, but good enough to take John Webster’s cash again.

With its magnificent sea views on all but a few holes it was a marvel to behold the big shoal of sardines on the break line at the Ninth Tee box, a first for me, Wow.

As you know we will always have a new or sometime a repeat chop that makes the day just that bit more special in a comical or unpayable way. This month was no exception, with Bob in my Four ball, I was convinced that we would see a club or two being tossed, alas not even a slight flick at his bag. But….

Papa Smurf made an appearance, the fuzzy beard, loads of weight increase and a demeanour that was comical was all there except for the red hat. I assume correctly or otherwise that a private bet was the new order between Captain “Tubby” and JVC Sean, let’s hope that clubs will heed my call that these two tuckboxes will only get one pie each for lunch from now on.  

It was rumoured that Norman had his own Photographer at his side but on consultation with the said gentlemen I can assure all and sundry it was just Norm’s son out to photograph the magnificent view and occasional golfer while spending quality time with his pop.

Papa Smurf did try and get everyone to drink the Glyver and by the time he got round to Bob and I he was nice and dizzy, me thinks that he was having a tot with each group he visited, nice one Sean.

On a sad note Nomads said goodbye to a Nomads legend in Andrew Mentis, not only was this fine gentleman a founder member of our organisation, but the person who started the Andrew Mentis Endowment Fund that is a cornerstone of our existence and guideline. How we plan and distribute our fundraising endeavour each and every year is in line with this great man’s vision. Gauteng Nomads lost a true friend but Nomads South Africa lost a legend and scholar. Rest in peace my friend.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.