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Greetings Nomads

Well it was back to Margate for our June game, and as per normal “Curly” and the staff accommodated the Nomads in true homely and friendly manner. The course was in good condition and the majority of the field took advantage of this by scoring more than the day’s average of 31 points.

As a Nomad of long standing, I have seen my fair share of bizarre and hilarious antics and at times been amused at our monthly games, but none had me rolling on the floor as much as what Captain “Tubby” brought to the game.

FS Gonzalves Construction did an honourable thing by lending our esteemed Captain their Golf Cart, now I’m no expert in the construction and dynamics of Golf Carts and like any golfer I will grab the opportunity to ride rather than walk, but man this is something to behold. By now we all can relate to the influx of Chinese goods worldwide and there attempt to make anything cheaper, mostly! never better in some instances and certainly have yet to master the concept of large or x large clothing. But to build what can only be described as a Hobbit mobile and try and pass it off as a golf cart had us all in fits of laughter, which opened up the door for some verbal slander, abuse and banter. Everyone was convinced that the cart belonged to Dave Stevens and maybe that he was sharing with
Johnny Vryonides. In the end Captain “Tubby” kindly loaned the cart to Uncle Norman and his partner. To date both are still walking around with a bent back and bouts of leg cramp. Pictures of the now infamous Hobbit mobile can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Chaps we are halfway through our year and we still have members who have not paid their subs. If you have omitted to fulfil your monetary obligation to our club please do so.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.