Greetings Nomads,

San Lameer done, the less said about it the better except if your name is Martin, a whopping 42 points. Well played boet I’m sure your ear was bent incessantly the whole night with requests for tips on how to play target golf, and yes JW you made a clean sweep with all the bets.  Watch out at Southbroom I’m coming for you.

The golf however good, bad or indifferent was not the highlight of the evening, your Captain elect, Sean Willis launched what is sure to be a winner, the Joker Draw. This is our first attempt at what is proven to be a most popular well supported fund raiser at any club which has run with this type of event.

100 ticket where sold on the night at R10 a ticket with the opening guarantee of R2 500. Keep supporting this initiative, you never know when your name will come up and offer you the opportunity at some big bucks.

Finally remember its common courtesy to let a lost ball stop rolling before you pick it up.

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.