Greetings Nomads,

 August game at Sheppie, fine weather, a course well-manicured and greens that where smooth and true. All the makings for some epic golf alas not. Of the 86 players 15 played nicely, 38 ok and 30 played crap. So what went wrong? While making my rounds amongst the boys armed with a Hansa in hand I ventured to find the root of the sad story being told.

It seems we all fall into three categories of fate on the course, those that played well will tell you that they left so much out there, yep been there, the guys who keep it in the band of “Solid Golf” the 28-32 category, just enough to piss you off when you lose your bet to them, and then the sloggers, in this case hackers (30 of us) who fought off gusts of wind at the wrong time, carts flying by making a noise like a GTI on your backswing, that dreaded lie between the trees with one measly branch that is in the way of your ball trajectory which you catch and my favourite the inconsistency in the bunkers, no sand, too much sand, compact sand so on and so on the explanations or excuses are endless, but in the end it makes for great fables over a cold one.

There are of course one or two players who at the beginning of the round are earmarked for a round from hell, it almost seem that the Golfing Gods or “Loki” is my belief, have nominated you to doubt your swing, suddenly develop hypertension, lose your ability to read the line of the putt and have the rhythm of a dancer with two left feet. Yes Captain “Tubby”, dit was jou beurt ouboet. Now as my playing partner it was difficult to inspire, drag or even coax some semblance of good fortune to him especially when I was seriously involved in a battle of wits with myself and Loki. We went from best playing pair to winning 4ball to contenders for alter bunnies all in a matter of six or seven holes. Yep the Gods decided to mess with the whole 4ball, whatever you may imagine by way of chaos swooped down on us at some point. To Roelof, Vivien and Frans, shit happens.  This year so far it’s Loki lots and me 1.

I’ll be back

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.