Greetings Nomads

Once again it was target golf at San Lameer, and as normal with a shotgun start you have to be on your game from the start, no easing into the round. The weather was good, the course immaculate, the beers cold and the boys all in good spirit. One would have thought that with all this going for us someone would have shot the lights out and bagged a 40 pointer. Alas not, 35 got you the prize.

We had a smaller field of only 80 players. Could be that it was the first Tuesday of the month or something more sinister: I will endeavour to find out. Anyway, the day’s average was 27.

10 players got cut, 29 no change and 41 shot less than 27, “sies”. Our serial hacker got his hands on the crying towel again. Ulric Gous you making this comp your own this year, that’s two out of three so far, maybe a shovel and rake in your bag would not go amiss.

Congrats to Shaka Langa who was elected unopposed as your new Junior Vice-Captain.

Sean Willis is Vice-Captain and Tony Westoby will take over as head honcho from April. I implore all of you to be at prize giving at our April game at Southbroom to applaud and welcome in the MMWRC and incoming committee.

shaggyPicMarch2019On a lighter note, the hobbits were out and about on the deck at San Lameer, trying to convince everyone that being vertically challenged is not that bad. The proof I leave with you in the form of the attached photo. It says it all.


Till next time keep it on the fairway.