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Greetings Nomads,

What a day at Selborne, 113 players made the effort to come out and enjoy this magnificent course. Playing conditions were as always superb, fine weather, cold beer and friendly staff, what more could one ask for.

To John and Hein well done and thank you for what was a beauty.

The scoring average for the day was 29.7 this meant that 16 played better than their handicap, 49 played in the comfy band and 26 played crap, my partner for the day Sheldon, being one of them. It seems that we all have our favourite course or should I say a course that we can score well on. Selborne being my ultimate. C div winner, over 55 winner, handicap?   Hmmmm! Yes, say no more.

The king of swing this month being Brooks”C” on a solid 15 points. Nice towel boet.

Now we all know Bob and his antics for developing a further use of his clubs, shovel, boomerang and even a fishing rod, but lately he has been well behaved and almost reserved. Iit’s almost as if the old Bob has gone back to Easterns and left his twin brother, the calm one, here. This being said it seems that there is a new contender to take over the helm of bad boy. A new nomad at that and no it’s not Lappies. It’s none other than Alan Hawkins, our new contender for Chopper of the month. He hacked, tossed a club or 6 and swore his way around 16 of 18 holes of golf, if we can call it that, and as we all know when you play badly, karma stands up to bite you in the arse, bad bounce of the ball, bunkered at every opportunity and of course finding every conceivable patch of water. The 4 ball was even versed in words of wisdom in Swahili, at least we think it was words of wisdom.

The only other bit of “skinner” I have is that if like me you have not seen Lappies in the bar single handily raising the economy of the South Coast by consuming copious amounts of sponsors brew and the occasional Klippie’s and coke and keeping Camel in business ,its coz he has a new pie. We can only conclude that the man is on a lick and promise like no other and like all new relationships he is trying to show his mature, considerate and feminine side !

Yeah right… give it another month and then its S.O.P.

So until then I shall on his behalf apologise to his future drawn 4 ball for his non-attendance for a dop after the game as well as his absence at Prize Giving.                             

Till next time keep it on the fairway.