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March 2018

Greetings Nomads,

As our playing year fast approaches its conclusion, let me be the first to thank our ladies who have manned the table at every game. Alli to you and the team a big thank you for all you do to make our day special, I know it’s not easy.

You probably heard me, like a lot of Nomads, grumble and mutter about the state of some of the courses that we have to play and I must now eat humble pie. Last time out at Margate was not pretty to say the least, and I even avoided playing a social game there, not very Nomadic was it!

So like me if you were surprised and impressed by what the staff and committee had achieved, then firstly sorry for sledging you, and secondly thank you for preparing a golf course and amenities that were delightful and superb.

The AGM was well attended and nothing out of left field was raised as a concern. Congrats to Sean Willis who is your new JVC, bad luck Shaka. Your time will come buddy.

Once again Lappies was in the limelight, not with antics on the course, but by bagging what is now becoming a very coveted prize, the Choc Hamper.

 It seems that this tiny concoction of coca and butter can turn the biggest and toughest of men into puppy dogs. For those who tried to bribe, buy or even offer wives, BMW’s and pocket money that their better half does not know about, bad luck. It seems that all offers were not enough to pry this “snack” from him. There was even an offer of Bitcoin going about.   

Lastly to the three amigos, Paul, Roelof and Tony, thank you for a good year. Paul you did us proud and it was a pleasure to serve with you, well done bud. Roelof because you have big shoes to fill, it does not mean you have to eat all the pie’s, the year is a long one. One pie a week should suffice. Junior, you are up bud, good luck with your Andrew Mentis.

Chaps Southbroom is up next where we will see the changing of the guard. Come and support them.    

Till next time keep it on the fairway.


February 2018

Greetings Nomads,

Well target golf at San Lameer is a thing of the past and by all accounts the tally of lost balls at this fine course escalated to levels not yet seen since they allowed women to vote.

109 players all arrived looking the part of the experience golf pro and fashion show groomed models, all ready to be directed to their respective holes to start the day’s proceedings. The whiskey was in demand as always, but alas not enough of the nectar was available. I think that we need to increase our monthly allocation or as one parliamentary minister put it, get smaller glasses (dams) that way there will be enough! 

The day’s average was 29.4, so if you accumulated more, nice, if like me you did not quite make 29 “eish” keep swinging our time will come.

The Nationals are underway and by the time you read this will be a thing of the past, with WP running out as the Bert Hunt Trophy winners and Easterns finishing second. Our boys finished in a creditable 6th place.  I was extremely disappointed that I was left behind and could not see all my friends at Nationals.

Lastly remember that our next game is at Margate, let’s hope that with the abundance of rain and their ability to actually cut the fairways and mow the greens the course will be in better condition than last year. It is also time to remind your better half that prize giving will be a bit longer than normal, not that the boyz from Durban need an excuse. This is due to our AGM for those that have forgotten. You have all had ample time to consider who will win your vote for the JVC post, good luck to both Shaka Langa and Sean Willis, it’s in the hands of the members now.

Guys we need you all at the AGM, there are issues that need to be raised and voted on, this is our club and the more you contribute by way of comment, support, guidance and or disapproval on matters pertaining, then our Nomadic experience will be so much better. Be there!

 Till next time keep it on the fairway.

January 2018

Greetings Nomads,

Happy New Year to you all. May your golfing year be spectacular, enjoyable and most importantly, make new mates.

Our first game at Scottburgh is done and dusted, by all accounts things went well, not being there myself, I can only report on what some of you had whispered in my ear. So let’s start.

Thanks to the staff of Scottburgh. Things have not been easy for you, so we hope that our contribution particularly in the pub has eased these trying times a wee bit. Chaps you know me, I have always advocated the support of clubs that we have the privilege to play on, especially those that are in difficulties both financial and course management. They need our support, not only on the Nomads day but whenever and with whatever we can. I am sure there are Nomads who are in a position to offer some of their services in some way to these clubs. Remember they are and will always be an integral part of the South Coast Golf Experience, we cannot let them fall by the wayside.

Our next game is at San Lameer and while we cannot wait to test our abilities to see how may golf balls we can lose while trying to mount some sort of points tally in the process, we have to remember that we have another duty, that is the special AGM that has been called. We plan to vote on the change in our Game Badge. I think that it is unique and a good thing, please give it your support.

We have an away game planned at Port Edward during the middle of the month and once again we appeal to all Nomads to support us in this endeavour.       

Jimmy Spear was caught for reckless driving at Scottburgh (see photo in our Magazine).  Hope the insurance paid out.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.



December 2017

Greetings Nomads,

Let me take this opportunity to firstly thank you all for making our Nomadic year a good one. Playing numbers increased month on month where we now see a full field requesting to play, we saw a remarkable increase in attendance at the prize giving. Well done boys.

A big thanks to Gavin Sole and the staff of Southbroom for hosting us on the day, the course and facilities were superb and it was fitting to finish our playing year and play out our Gold Cup at this club.

To all the winners, well done. Consistent golf seemed to be the key to your success, well except for Bob who lost out on Champion golfer of the year to Ryan Keys by 1 point. According to his playing partners Bob played some of the best golf yet seen this year. This included some choice words at times but not a club being tossed, amazing. His bewilderment continued into Prize Giving where he not only won best worst golfer, but picked up the Gold Cup A.div winner as well, only to toss the trophy behind him. Seems tossing things is in his blood.

To all the Hobbits, old and new thanks for keeping us entertained both with your vertically challenged demeanour as well as some spectacular antics.

Boys it’s time to consider who we nominate and vote for regarding the new JVC. The rumblings amongst you have given rise to some interesting candidates. Let me just say that your choice should be for someone who holds the Nomadic way true to heart and can do the job required for four years. Not just a mate.

To our Captains, well done and good job.

As a scribe it is difficult to convey news to you without having characters who in their own way make us shake our heads in sheer amazement and joy. We have had them all this year, but without a doubt my choice for special mention are the following:

Stirrer of the year. Daryl D’Arcy, the man is unplayable.

Grumpy: Too many to mention.

But without a doubt my Man of the Year has to be Lappies. He has entertained us on the course, forced mild mannered men to indulge in alcohol beyond their comfort level, offered Camel Lights to everyone, and entertained us with stories that Spies and Plessis would shudder at.

Just between you and me and his mates, Lappies is on the wagon, no dop for the foreseeable future, he is trying not to swear, and has been seen in the company of the same woman on more than one occasion!

Just maybe this is why we have not seen him at the last two games. This is not just turning a new leaf, dit is ‘n hele bliksem se boom omdoner.

Come back Lappies there are alcoholics in the making waiting for you.

May you all have a great festive season, relax and enjoy your time with family,

Merry Christmas

See you in January.



November 2017

Greetings Nomads,

Umkomaas, you little gem,

In all my years as a Nomad both up country and here on the South Coast I have never seen such a remarkable and pleasurable change in a golf course.

Peter Toward, you and your committee, staff members and green keeper are to be commended for the effort and hard work in presenting a course that is clearly no longer the poor relation in our playing calendar but a must play course. Well done mate it was epic.

Now you now I don’t like to blow smoke up anyone’s arse, I would rather report on the fun and sometimes insane shenanigans that happen at our monthly games, but I have to give it to Ryan Ringo. Sir the after game snack and dop was next level bud. Well done mate it was superb.

 Nomads if you have not shown your gratitude and offered your personal thanks to our esteemed PRO and especially to all the Sponsors for all they do and give us as Nomads it’s time to do so. Consider it your Christmas cheer.

Ok back to the real, well Bob is not back, (still finding inspiration, doing some Golforama work with Easterns not swinging a club I heard) But that was not to say that we did not have a whole menagerie of turkey’s  to vie for what is becoming a very coveted prize. Dave Stevens, Neil Oberholzer, Shaine McAlister and Rob Harrison tried hard and finished as worst playing, but no one came close to Rob Piers, he fought and muttered his way round Umkomaas for a solid 8 points, (4 points better than Bob) not quite in his league but a noble attempt none the less.

I heard that the boys on the bus back to Durban had a bit of fun, no one in particular has been blamed but a certain hobbit (Dave) has been linked to the start, continuation and spectacular finish to what was a GOOD night.

Chaps next month is our Gold Cup and it should be a good one, Southbroom looks good and provided that the wind does not blow a gale it should be a good test to finish off the year.  All that remains is for me to plead for attendance at our prize giving, remember that your Nomadic duty includes this part of our monthly game commitment.


Till next month, keep it on the fairway.


October 2017

Greetings Nomads,

It seems that the golfing gods and the Big Guy had conspired to make the monthly game at Sheppies’s a wet one, a very, very wet one. For those that prayed for rain, your prayers were answered above those who prayed and hoped for fair golfing weather. A waterlogged and unplayable course meant that the game was abandoned and rescheduled for two weeks later. This in itself led to a diminished field as many of our members had other commitments. For those who pitched to play the monthly game well done. It was great to see that the majority of you stayed and attended prize giving.

A big shout out must go to Jessie and the staff at Sheppie’s for getting the course in a playable and superb condition, and as always looking after the Nomads in the manner we have become accustomed to.

The golf itself revealed no new surprises, the contenders for golfer of the year played steady golf and the lucky golfers won the divisions, well done Corjan for your 41 pointer.

 We did have a new pigeon to take up the reins from Bob for the Crying Towel and boy did he do it in style. Not only is this esteemed gentleman a member at Sheppie’s but also a committee member and we have it on record ( photos sent) that he spent countless hours at the club ensuring that we could play on the day. One can only assume he had earmarked the areas of the golf course that had to be avoided. Alas to no avail he hacked and scrambled his way round to finish last.

You would think that this pain and agony would have ended there, no off to Swazi Nationals he went to avenge the golfing world and rid himself of the of the bogey that is crap golf. First game, yep crying towel winner, second game missed the crying towel by one. Overall winner of the worst golfer at Nationals you guessed it. Mr Ryan Ringo.

I do not know if we can boast about having a double act at Southern Natal that vie so arduously for this esteemed prize.  I hear that Ryan has/had tossed a club or six, used F***k 11 times in one sentence and has thoughts about returning to the home of golf for inspiration, then maybe a video compilation will have to be made for Nomadic entertainment of these two fine gentlemen.  Bob and Ryan a legend in the making.      

Next month will Bob be back……….. We shall wait and see.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.


Shaggy September 2017

Greetings Nomads,

What a month for golf we have just experienced - our monthly game on a pristine golf course and our annual fund raiser being the Andrew Mentis day held at Sheppie’s.

Let me start at our monthly game at Selborne. The course was in superb condition, the weather played its part for most of the day and the company was as always fun and enjoyable. I got to play in an Easterns four ball with Dave Hoehler, Dave Arnison and Bob Hall. (I wonder who organised that-Ed) We all had great expectations and a whole lot of fighting talk about winning four ball, best playing pair, division winners, general “kak praat met jou maatjies”.

Now we all know that Bob has been known to throw a club or two and with a fresh crying towel in the bag for an Eastern ’s game a mere two days prior, it was plausible to think that an improvement on his points tally was on the cards. Nope, total clubs tossed, 8, attempt to rid himself of a fairway wood/ hybrid into a body of water, 2. Total points scored including a handicap of 8 - 12. Crying towel winner, you bet.

We have recently learnt that Bob has returned to the home of golf to find inspiration, he has been spotted hob- knobbing with the pros at a recent European Tour event. He is scouring Scotland to find another swing. But alas we all know that tossing the club is imbedded in his repertoire. Come back soon buddy, we all still love you.

The Andrew Mentis day was well supported and we must congratulate Roelof on fine day.

Sheppie’s as always was in good nick, even if the greens had been winter treated and looked a bit sparse. As the day has always been one of fellowship with guest invites on the cards I find myself questioning the protocol we should all adhere to. I do not believe that our Nomads who invite guests to play inform them of our traditions and dress code at prize giving. What a shocker, not to mention some Nomads not bothering to change either. Poor form boys, poor form.

All that remains is for me to plead for attendance at our prize giving, remember that your Nomadic duty includes this part of our monthly game commitment.

Till next month, keep it on the fairway.



The Lappies Saga

It seems that this fine gent is destined to go down in the annals of Southern Natal history as a beauty while still a current Nomad.

Lappie’s decided to play the Andrew Mentis day as all good Nomads should and was paired with yours truly. You know that you are having a bad day on the golf course when you carve your opening drive OB, your provisional is also OB and your third ball heads in the same direction and you walk the first hole .The second hole (11th) your drive is short of the water (5 meters) your second finds the water and the 3 Wood you toss at the water hazard at full tilt is also short and does not find the intended target. The best must be with fifteen holes of duffs, shanks, missed putts, choice verbal abuse and restocking with balls from the ground staff, you stand upon the tee box on the long par 5 seventh. White knuckle syndrome has now set in permanently and you duff your drive not quite making the ladies tee, your second with a weapon of choice, a 3 wood, travels a further 3 meters also not making the ladies, your third takes the a right angle veer towards the woods and river, rattling around in the trees and dropping straight down but giving you an opportunity to at least swing at the ball, but you hit it on the head and advance it 30 cm. You try the same shot only to have it go between your legs for a great distance of, you guessed it, 30 cm. With a cry of what can only be described as his best and choice Afrikaans he starts a wind up of note at the now smiley Taylor Made Aero Burner Pro no2. , with no thought for direction and finesse he launches at the ball only to have it find the fairway behind him.

Lappies has now found himself in perfect position on this fine hole and decides that his fondness for this particular ball has run its course and it’s time to launch it over the trees and into the river. With a cry of “If I never see you again it will be too soon” he lashes at the pro no2 only for it to hit the tree dead ahead and come rolling back to his feet.

Karma is a bitch Lappie’s when it’s not your day everything you try will stand up and bite you. At least you walked off with a fine bottle of Single Malt Glenbrynth for this entertainment. (Even if it was a drawn prize).

I cannot wait to bring you our next instalment and antics of this fine golfer at the next game.



August 2017

Greetings Nomads,

Now that your esteemed scribe is back, and his nuts have fallen, I can once again bring you some news, grips and gossip.

July game at Wild Coast was as per normal windy and the greens fast and tricky, according to “Benjee” this was the normal winter greens and not that fast, yes mate like the scores reflected your opinion. The boss got the crying towel and Colin Simpkins, Brooks”C” and Lappies won their respective divisions. The good thing was that there was a noticeable increase in attendance for prize giving. Well done boys. The normal contenders for stirrer or general “kak aanjag” were all there and keeping it real.

I must thank everyone from the ladies to the players and of course the staff at Wild Cost for a good Nomads day.

August game was held at Margate, with wind and a chance of rain, now I know as a Nomad we must be grateful and appreciative to all our host clubs and look for the good in all the clubs we play at. After Margate if anyone should complain about Scottburgh or Umkomaas, then they are just full of you know what. What a goat track, I have seen Springs Country Club in better condition and all who have played there will know what I am talking about.

For some they had a great day, Brian Brandis made his first Hole-in-one, well done bud. Bob, Ryan K and Louw won their divisions, what a way to make your comeback “Oom Louw”. It seems that everyone was in contention for the crying towel 27 players got a shot or two back and the average was 28 points. The lucky winner of the crying towel went to Rynhardt Crous. The attendance at prize giving was again up, do we see a change in the attitude and commitment of our members! I would like to think so.

As you should all be aware, September is a bumper month for us, we have our normal game at Selborne but we have our Andrew Mentis game at Sheppie’s, our Captains have all requested that we commit to this weekend in some positive manner, by either playing in a four ball, bringing your mates and entering a four ball, preferred, or sponsoring prizes or a hole/fairway. Let’s do our bit and make it special.

This month saw Bob Hall take over the reins of Golforama, and our only game at Wild Coast for the Sun Challenge, it was rather bizarre to see Bob at a golf course and not throw a club!, to everyone that assisted and pitched for their duties I thank you. I believe you all made life for Bob, and the smooth efficient manner that we as Golforama portray, much easier and clinical. Now as you all know there are a few jokers, story tellers, drinkers and Quasimodo’s at such events. What was evident to see at a quiet braai on Thursday night was that there can be such characters all rolled up into one. “Lappies”, what can one say except that we now understand why the Bloubulle are so crap. Should you wish to be educated in the art of fly half / inside centre and running at an exact 35deg off the right shoulder and the promise of a guaranteed try, but not getting one, grab a beer or a six pack and let him tell you the story.  Lappies please send our regards to Dave.

 Till next month, keep it on the fairway.



May 2017

Greetings Nomads,

Umdoni you beauty! What a day! What a course! Rynhardt Crous, to you and your entire staff that made the day awesome, thank you. To the Nomads that chose to play our monthly game I’m sure you will agree that it was well worth it. To those that just did not bother, tough shit. You missed out on something special.

We have a new face at the table. Welcome Amy D’Arcy. We trust that your involvement with Nomads will be fun and enjoyable.

By all accounts the Nomads that attended behaved in a manner that would have made Mike Florence proud, well that is with the exception of the bad and ugly. The Ugly we will have to get used to. We know Simon is never going to get his hair back and he has by all accounts given himself over to the hobbit family. The day that Samson spits out the following four ball: Simon Lee, Dave Stevens, Bones and Johnny Vryonides we will have to issue them with a banner of caution that states “midgets at work!”

Now amongst our esteemed golfers was a fella who by all accounts played some solid golf and shot 40 points, but alas true to form it was not without a club or two being tossed. “Bob, Bob, Bob” what are we to do?

The only bad thing was the Boss lost his wallet. By his account, it was stolen off the table where he was sitting. If anyone has any whereabouts of this ATM please let him know. Oh and Roelof tossing the Prize Sheets on the floor and then following his own order of events. Howie is still in shock with the clever finger work he came up with on the slide show that followed.

Chaps my only gripe this month is that we tend to be losing the camaraderie that is Nomads. We had 24 players who decided not to stay for Prize Giving, not to mention supporting the club and bar. Out of 87 players this number is disturbing to say the least. This is poor form and downright crap and shows little or no respect to all.

Our next game is at Port Sheppie’s. As you will have noticed this is a change in venue. In a nutshell Margate could not accommodate us on our usual day due to miscommunication so some creative shuffling was done.

Play well, show some love and respect to the ladies at the table, and stay for prize Giving.

Till next month, keep it on the fairway.



April 2017

Greetings Nomads.

Our Playing Year is a thing of the past, and to all the members who played in the Gold Cup and attended prize giving, thank you.

Firstly our most sincere condolences to the Brauteseth family with the sad passing of Peter, He will be sorely missedby us all.

Here is a quick synopsis of the boys who played golf the way it should be played and walked away with the Gold:

The Imperial/MFC Challenge was closely contested and was won by Brian Brandis who will be representing our Club at Champagne Sports Resort over the weekend of the 26th May.  We wish him all the best where he will be teeing up against the winners from all the other Nomads Clubs.

The final standings were:

  1.  Brian Brandis on 33.75 points

  2.  Frans du Preez on 33.25 points 

  3.  Jimmy Reid on 33.00 points

  4.  Paul Tedder on 32.75 points

  5.  Andrew Pastellides on 32.62 points

The Tempest Knockout competition has also come to an end with the Final Round being played at each Club's Gold Cup.  We had two players who went through to the Final by winning their respective Pool games.  Congratulations to Doug Milne and Andrew Pastellides who will soon be receiving their prize for this achievement.  Doug unfortunately cou;d not play at our Gold Cup due to injury and we all know who won the Crying Towel at Sheppie which did not help in in the Final.  Sorry Andrew.

Champion of Champions and shit hot player of the year is Brian Brandis, well done and good luck playing off a -2 next month.

Your New Committee for 2017 has been announced and the big three are:

Captain : Paul Tedder This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice Captain : Roelof Meyer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Junior Cice Captain : Tony Westoby This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The full list of committee and their mug shots can be viewed on our web page.

We took leave of Gary Rodwell after being a member of our Club for the past 30 years.  Gary has relocated to the Cape and is joining Boland Nomads.  All the very best Gary.

Chaps as we start a new playing year let's begin by doing the right thing, commit to playing in our monthly games, support the host Clubs and our Sponsors and behave in the manner that is becoming of a Nomad.  Attend prize giving and most importantly have fun and treat your fellow members with the respect they deserve.

Lastly, pay your membership fees.


Till next month.



March 2017

Greetings Nomads,

It’s Gold Cup at Port Shepstone Golf Club

As our playing year draws to a close its time to reflect on the year past.

First and foremost to our lovely ladies, Allison, Pat, Mary, Helena and Linda. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We love you all.  

To our Captain “Oom Louw” mooi so ou maat, die jaar was Bakgat. You have led our club, committee and members with distinction.

All our monthly division winners, well done!

The Gary Player Knockout final will be contested between Johan Kinsey-Ahlers and Rafe Dyer against Brandon Saunders and Shaun Nathanson.

The Plate Final is between Erich Buhr and Theo Moussouris against Bruce Mathews and Gary Purtell.

Everyone who is in contention for the yearly comps, play well.

All members are requested to pay their subs which are due, if you are not receiving a statement please drop Allison an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. she will then forward a statement to you.

Once again the monthly Crying Towel was won by an array of the good, bad and ugly…..seems like it was more bad and ugly this year!

At our National Tournament, we as a club, held our own and finished second. We pushed our fellow Nomads from up country all the way.

Nomads, it’s our Gold Cup play well, show the respect for your fellow four ball, Nomads, Sponsors and yourself by staying for Prize Giving. Complete your scorecard correctly as requested by the ladies and play well.

Till next month.



January 2017

Greetings Nomads,

Happy New Year to one and all, this year may your golfing exploits on all our fine courses be exceptional but most of fun.
It was nice to see that our call for large attendance at Port Sheppie's in December was met with enthusiasm. I'm sure that our National Chairman was pleasantly surprised to see the large contingent of our members there to show our true South Coast" Gees". Congrats to Big Ryan and Shorty Howie for shooting the lights out in challenging conditions and heading off to Joeys to compete in the Minolta playoff.
The January game at San Lameer by all accounts was uneventful, but the number of players that requested to play was pure magic, a full field. Well done boys.
I have been asked to relay a request from Brooks"C" to all Nomads who are in a position to offer any support of a financial nature to the National Team. We are looking for a sponsor. We traditionally give each player a travelling shirt, and a sponsored cap with their name and number of Nationals embroidered on it.
Chaps, it's that time of the year when subs are due, to those members who have already paid,thank you, to the rest let's get the money paid soonest.
Till next time, keep it on the fairway.





Please note that Invoices for the 2017 Subs, etc have been sent by email on 29th & 30th November.  Remember that your subs are payable by 1st January 2017.  Also note that these were mailed by our Match Secretary from her personal email address which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please ensure that this address is entered as a "Safe Sender" on your computer or check your junk mail if not received. Kindly contact Allison if no account has been received. 


November 2016

Greetings Nomads,

 What a pleasure to once again walk the fairways of Scottburgh, and my how things have changed. Improved and revamped change rooms, beautiful greens and pleasant, helpful staff. To management, staff and green keeper thank you one and all who assisted to make our Nomads visit memorable and enjoyable.

Naturally someone left the door open and boy did the wind blow, which is a good thing as this seems to be the course only defence.

It was an absolute pleasure to see an increase in attendance at prize giving, thank you for heeding the call of our Captain to support and acknowledge all the winners on the day and to spend a buck or two in the pub afterwards. Remember the small clubs need all the support we can give them. We have a full team to attend Nationals, for those who put their name in the hat, well done, it’s time for the Bert Hunt Trophy to grace our showcase once again.

Remember that our National Chairman will be on his official visit at Sheppie’s, please let’s have a full playing field and a 100% attendance at prize giving.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.





Greetings Nomads,

As previously commented Umdoni is still the most picturesque course on the South Coast. A big shout out must go to the entire staff of this fine establishment for making the Nomads Monthly Game enjoyable and fun. To all who opted not to travel, you missed a Nomads day worthy of any I have played in the last 20 years.
Brooks"C" informed me that we have still have 9 players short for our allotted 27 to fill the team spots to Nationals. Come on guys there is still time to have a full complement to attend.

The committee has requested that I ask all members to commit to our December game at Sheppies's, the reason being is that our National Chairman will be here on his official visit. It would be spectacular to have a full playing field and a full house at Prize Giving just to show him that our "Gees" and commitment is not in the doldrums as everyone thinks.

Our next game is at Scottburgh and it would be a pleasant surprise to see you all there, show some Nomadic spirit and attend Prize Giving instead of leaving early.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.





Greetings Nomads,

We are back after a small glitch with my notebook, so I will try to bring you up to speed with last month and this month's news.

10 years a Nomad, Don't I look cute with my new bowtie?!

The planning for Nationals next year is well and truly underway and Chis has once again appealed to all who plan on going, to pay the deposit and confirm their flight bookings and travel arrangement from OR Tambo to Nelspruit. Remember that the closing date for entries is the end of October.

The Second round of the Gary Player Knockout has been completed and the draw for round three and second round of the plate will be done shortly.

Andrew Mentis has been confirmed for the 3rd December at Selborne Golf Estate. This promises to be a weekend of fine festivities and entertainment. I urge all members to diarise this date and commit to making this event spectacular, let's give our support to the committee on this one.

Our next game is at Umdoni, in my opinion the most picturesque course on our fine coastline. Nomads lets support them and remember to stay for Prize Giving.

Lastly, but most importantly, is to say a huge thank you to Paul Tedder of PG Construction, who not only has stepped in to sponsor the monthly games where no sponsor was had, but has become our new online Magazine sponsor. Boet you are a superstar. I am sure you will benefit hugely from this exposure.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.



JULY 2016

Greetings Nomads,

Another awesome golf day at Southbroom. Our thanks must go out to the staff of this fine club for not only allowing us the use of their facilities but to ensure that there was sufficient cold beer and hot water for one and all.Congrats to Shaka for his 40 pointer - well played young man. To Uncle Norm, close again we believe!

Chaps, the ladies have once again asked that we revisit the problem of incorrect scorecards. Apparently 50% of the cards handed in where incorrect - this is not acceptable. We believe that the problem comes in where the handicaps are 19 and up. Simple solution - if you double stroke on the hole add on the extra shot if you blackout. A decision has been made that the 4 ball captain will not be allowed to leave the table until all scorecards are correct. It would appear that a further fine will be imposed on the perpetrators.

On a more pleasant note, it's time to start planning for Nationals next year. We have been allocated 27 spots; that's two less than this year. Let's commit to filling these and make Brook"c" a happy chappie.

The first round of the Gary Player Knockout has been completed and the draw for round two and first round of the plate has been done - see draw on the webpage.

The Southern Challenge is no more, it would seem that both clubs have been at a constant battle to get sufficient players, although a birdie whispered in my ear that Southern Cape are scared to play us!

Remember that the August game is the 16th, that is the third Tuesday, bring your A game and let's shoot the lights out.

Till next time keep it on the fairway



JUNE 2016

Greetings Nomads,

It was Fun, Sun and Great golf at Selborne, with our beach weather and classic courses to play. It’s a shame we only play Nomads once a month.

It was good to see that the attendance at Prize Giving was up and you all showed your metal by supporting and collecting your prizes.

The Gary Player Knockout is in full swing and the first round should be completed by the July game.

Our VC has selected his Andrew Mentis Committee for the upcoming year and his beneficiaries have been identified, he will no doubt inform us at Southbroom of his nomination. Please chaps let's support him from the start and make this year memorable for all!  

Brooks”C’” would like all members to take heed of the upcoming events around the country, if you feel up to touring and want to support the other clubs, well there is no better time to start than this year. 

We have again committed to supporting the local Pro Tour events. I believe that Ryan is still looking for assistance for Golforama. Let's support him, even if it’s for just one day.

My final plea is for old Golf Balls - don’t forget to bring those old Dunlops that are still wrapped in cellophane at the bottom of your sock draw!

Till next time keep it on the fairway!




MAY 2016

Greetings Nomads,

By all accounts and comments overheard at Wild Coast our monthly game with a Gun Shot Start was well received and enjoyed. Playing conditions were at an optimum, the course superb and beautiful weather graced us all day.

The only negative was perhaps that the change room is a wee bit small to accommodate all the players at the same time, this was however overcome by the use of the ladies changing facilities. So a big up to Wild Coast for hosting us.

A couple of matters that have arisen and I think that all of us as Nomads need to take heed of the plea we as a club are making.

Firstly cancellation of your playing commitment, the general rule is that if you have entered to play in the monthly game and for reasons other than medical, you cancel you are liable for the game fee.

However if you cancel before the Friday 12H00 prior to our game on the Tuesday the playing fee, if you have paid, will be credited towards your next game. Should you miss this deadline YOU WILL FORFEIT the game fee or be debited for those who do not pay by EFT. So early cancellation no pay, late cancellation you pay.

Remember this does not apply in cases of ill health, sickness or medical emergencies.

Secondly, Subs, your yearly subs where due and payable on the 1st January. We are in the middle of May and we have some R80 000 odd that is still owing and payable. This is just poor form and definitely not in the true Nomadic spirit. We as a club cannot continue to operate in this manner. So if you are one of the guilty, please chaps lets sort this out chop-chop.

I hear that Warren Ford is not well, give him a call or if you are in the area pop in to see him, I’m sure he will appreciate it immensely.

Finally like all clubs we are looking for prospective new members, now don’t get me wrong we don’t just want numbers, we are looking for members who like all of us will buy into the ethos of what Nomads is all about. Should you have such a prospect, invite him and let them experience the Nomads way.

Oh yes I have a contact email that you can voice your comments, questions, suggestions and requests.  Let”s hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Till next time keep it on the fairway.




April 2016

Southbroom Golf Club

Greetings fellow Nomads,What a great day we had at our Gold Cup. The course was in great shape with a “gentle” breeze to keep the golfers attentive and aware. A special thanks must go out to the committee and ground staff of Southbroom Golf Club, thank you one and all.

To all the winners at Gold Cup, well done boys. Final results have been posted on our web page.

Congratulations goes out to Roelof Meyer our new JVC. Well done “Junior”. May your next four years be smooth sailing. 

The Gary Player Draw is out and on the web page. All those involved and have committed to play are requested to note who your opponent is and importantly who you have drawn to partner with. The final date of when the first round matches need to be played by have been mentioned. If in doubt, consult John Webster.

There are a couple of important dates to remember,

The “Jock” Nationals at Nelspruit is from 11 to17 March 2017,

Botswana Nationals 2016 is to be played at Phakalane Golf Resort. Flag raising is Thursday 8 September with play to commence Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September, Entry cost is R1800.00 and an entry form can be obtained from Chris Brooks. Entries need to be in by 15 July.

Our next game is at Wild Coast and will be a “SHOTGUN” START. PLEASE BE THERE EARLY AS THE TEEOFF TIME is 10.30. Please chaps let us make the ladies day enjoyable and without frustration.

From next month the Newsletter will be available on your mobile device. This is a huge step forward and the costs to do so are rather steep, so any member who can assist with the sponsorship of this app have a chat to Rob Harrison. Your exposure to the volume of site visits will astound you.

Till next time, keep it on the fairway.