A DIVWINNER Gary Purtell 33 Beekman Group/Selborne Park Golf Club/Passport 4 Golfers - John Beekman, John Ridl & Shaun Nathanson
 RUNNER UP Andrew Curlewis 30 Hibiscus Insurance Brokers/Glenbrynth - Alan Hall
B DIVWINNER Jimmy Reid  38 Audi Centre Margate & South Coast VW/Selborne Park Golf Club/Passport 4 Golfers - Johann Kinsey-Ahlers, John Ridl & Shaun Nathanson
 RUNNER UP Sean Willis 36 Tigon Sports & Glenbrynth - Sean Willis
C DIVWINNER Erich Buhr 35 Mac-Eden Estate /Glenbrynth / Selborne Park Golf Club/Passport 4 Golfers - Terry Dore, John Ridl & Shaun Nathanson
 RUNNER UP Roelof Meyer 34 Halfway Ford Port Shepstone - Eddie Ringo
BEST PLAYING PAIR Ryan Reynolds - Jimmy Reid 68 Garrun Group & SAB  - Christian Hendy
BEST PLAYING 4 BALL Brian Jolliffe - Mike Cromhout 123 Glen Smit Property Administration & SAB - Glen Smit
  Mark Avice DuBuisson - Erich Buhr
WORST PLAYING 4 BALL Colin McKay - Colin Simpkins 97 SAB
   Howard Crouch - Malcolm Greenland    
BEST POINTS GROSS Andrew Curlewis 36 Umdoni Park Golf Club
TWO CLUBS 6 in Total   P&G Construction - Paul Tedder
BEST NET PLAYER Roel Germs h/c 35 67 nett Umthunzi Hotel & Conference - Ryan Ringo
NEAREST THE PINS  Hole 4 Lorenzo Gallino San Lameer - Meyer Du Toit
  Hole 8 Ryan Ringo San Lameer - Meyer Du Toit
Hole 11 Bobby Naidoo San Lameer - Meyer Du Toit
Hole 14 John Pinnoy San Lameer - Meyer Du Toit
NEAREST THE PIN FOR 2 Hole 15 Vivian Naicker Selborne Park Golf Club - John Ridl
BEST PLAYING VISITOR Malcolm Greenland 25 South Coast Herald - Bevis Fairbrother
MOST GOLF - CRYING TOWEL Gary Craig h/c12 19 Mad Max Steel,Sheppie & Southbroom Pro Shop - Michael Hartley
LOWEST POINTS SCORED ON THE DAY Johnny Vryonides   1 Umthunzi Hotel & Conference - Ryan Ringo
BEST OVER 55 Erich Buhr   35 Realty 1 /Umdoni Park Golf Club - Gary Purtell & Rynardt Crous
LONGEST DRIVE Jean-Marc Bouic hole13   Ryan Ringo
ALBATROSS None     Buhr, Parry & Co - Erch Buhr
HOLE IN ONE None     Beekman Group - John Beekman
EAGLE Gary Purtell - Erich Buhr     Nashua South Coast - Raef Dyer
LA CAPANNINA R250 VOUCHER Anba Pillay   La Capannina - Ulric Gous
MUGG & BEAN SOUTHCOAST VOUCHER Tony Westoby   Mugg & Bean  Jean-Marc Bouic
R200 WAFFLE HOUSE VOUCHER Norman Sieberhagen   The Waffle House - Simon Lee
CHICKEN HAMPER Shaka Langa   South Coast Business Machines - Mark Pereira
"Night In" PRIZE Mike Todd   Out of Wood & Ryan Ringo- Ryan Ringo & Corjan Hilt
CADBURYS CHOCOLATE HAMPER Dave Watterson   Umthunzi Hotel & Conference - Ryan Rigo
BEAVER CREEK COFFEE HAMPER Sean Willis   Beaver Creek Coffee Estate- Robbie Cummings
LADIES TABLE CADBURY'S CHOC HAMPER Gary Craig   Southern Natal Nomads
MARGATE PRO SHOP VOUCHER Kevin Pistorius   Margate Pro Shop - Andrew Curlewis
LUCKY LOTTO DRAW John Ridl No 31  
100 CLUB
1st Prize Brett Kjonstad
2nd Prize Tony Westoby
Southern Bonanza
1st Prize Allan Hawkins
2nd Prize Bones Coertzen
BALL POOL (12balls each) Tho Moussouris-Malcolm Greenland-George Bowie TaylorMade Golf
PICK 3 No winner  
  A:37    B:36  C:35 Carry over is R 4 570
GLENBRYNTH  Special Draw
3 Bottles Andrew Curlewis Glenbrynth Scotch Whisky
2 Bottles Erich Buhr  
1 Bottle Raj Lakraj  
CAPTAINS SPECIAL DRAW 12yr old Dillan Drew Glenbrynth Scotch Whisky