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Membership of a Nomads Golf Club, and in particular, our Southern Natal Club, is an honour and a privilege only bestowed on golfers who meet the qualifying criteria. Through members, the aims and objects of Nomads are kept and pursued. Because the number of Members of a Nomads Club are limited, it is imperative that the selection of a prospective Member be conducted with great care and in the belief that he would meet all the requirements for making a sound and lasting commitment to our Club.

The following criteria apply when proposing a prospective Member.

  1. The proposer must assist the prospective member to complete the application form. Both the proposer and the seconder must be Nomads in good standing and should be well acquainted with the applicant.
  2. Four other members are required to recommend the applicant.
  3. The Membership Application is then passed through to the Executive Committee who will determine if the applicant may proceed to play as a Potential Nomad, for a maximum of four games (including the game, if played, on the date of induction).
  4. The applicant only becomes a “Potential Nomad” once he has completed and returned his form together with his cheque for the entrance fee and subscriptions & played two games as a visitor. All games played as a visitor are not considered as games played as a ‘Potential Nomad’.
  5. It is incumbent upon the proposer to advise the applicant that his membership shall only be determined by the Executive Committee after he has completed his commitments in terms of paragraph 3 and 4 above.


  1. If membership is declined it shall be your duty to notify your applicant accordingly.
  2. Should your applicant at any time default, you, the proposer, shall become liable for any outstanding obligations due to Southern Natal Nomads by such applicant.
  3. It is your responsibility to fully inform your applicant on Nomads aims, objectives and constitution, and advise him of our dress requirements and code of behaviour and also familiarise him with our Club’s scoring system and the many annual competitions that take place.
  4. Your applicant must be informed that he is required to play the 12 monthly games with a minimum requirement of six of these games, during the year. Should he not make the minimum requirement he faces termination of Membership.

This is your Club and as such can only be as good as the quality of its Members. Therefore great care must be exercised with prospective applicants. Finally, please ensure that this form, signed by yourself, together with the attached entry forms are completed correctly and returned to the Membership Officer.
Please note:- if the ‘Potential Nomad’ does not play for 6 months their application will be deemed null & void, all fees paid will forfeited to the Nomads account. If the applicant wishes to become a ‘Nomad’ thereafter, they would have to re-apply.

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